DMX Splitter/Booster 8 way

When running multiple lights over DMX or sending the signal of longer distances a splitter or booster provides peace of mind.


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The DMX splitter booster is a 19” single rack space, 8-way DMX distributor/booster with 3-pin XLR input and output jacks. This unit takes the incoming DMX signal and splits it to eight (8) separate outputs. This greatly decreases problems with ground loops and efficiently buffers and magnifies the DMX signal, making it more accurate and reliable. All outputs include 3-pin XLR sockets, which are electronically isolated from each other to ensure uninterrupted data. In addition, each output has dedicated drivers to boost the incoming signal.



DMX-512 control
3pin XLR Isolated Input
3pin XLR Passive Loop Output
3pin XLR Isolated 8 Outputs
On/Off Power Switch
120 Ohm terminating resistor

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